Miracle Spirulina Capsules (120 Nos)

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  • 100% Vegetarian & 100% Certified Organic; Nature’s original wholesome superfood for super health, Spirulina is a rich micro-algal source of nourishment to supplement daily nutrition
  • A powerhouse of antioxidants that helps strengthen daily immunity and metabolism
  • It contains plant-based nutrients to fight allergies, reduce stress levels, boost stamina, reduces fatigue and aid in body detox.
  • Rich in vegan bio-available Iron to improve haemoglobin levels.

Spirulina contains:

– Most bio-available source of vegan protein that is easily absorbable

– Phycocyanin: The power of the blue-pigment protein that supports the immune system

– Beta-carotene: Potent antioxidants for skin, eyes and immune system

– Zeaxanthin – Powerful antioxidant that nourishes the retina, lens and brain tissue

– Iron – For richer blood and energy

– Vitamin B12– the only vegan source which aids in the functioning of the nervous system, improves digestion and speeds up the metabolism process

– GLA – provides essential fatty acids for the brain

– Vitamin K – for optimal bone health

– Phospholipids: Helps prime your immune system and fights against allergies

– Chlorophyll: Aids in detoxifying the body


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